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We Need Your Votes!

We are excited to announce Vianet has been shortlisted in the TUNED-IN CANADA: The CCSA Awards for Best Photo: Connecting Canadians. As you're all aware we know a thing or two about Building Connections and our photo of the Rural Broadband Sheep is a great representation of the things we encounter when connecting Canadians and providing the best rural internet.
To vote you have to register at https://www.tunedincanada.com/vote/ and you're allowed 15 votes per category. Just refresh your screen to vote again. Please take some time and go vote for our Rural Broadband Sheep submission.

This photo demonstrates the challenges of building rural broadband internet. Through unique experiences like this one, a better understanding is gained of individual needs of residents, their way of life and the diverse landscapes of where they live. Vianet is aware that improved connectivity will have a substantial impact. It requires a connection to the people who make up these communities. It’s about growing and adapting with the communities we serve.

“What an honour it is to be nominated for “Best Photo: Connecting Canadians” in this years Tuned-In Canada: the CCSA Awards. Building rural broadband is no easy feat. Whether that’s climbing to new heights with our fixed wireless towers, delivering fibre optic conduit through rock, fields and under highways or bringing better internet to the rural residents that require a broadband solution. We never shy to the challenges and unique situations we find ourselves in. We believe Vianet is an expert in building rural broadband for the people of Ontario. As you can see by our photo entry, we also enjoy talking internet with the farm animals that roam by.”

– Brian McCullagh – Director of Business Development

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