Working Hard to "Permanently Close the Broadband Gap".

Vianet is a full service telecommunications company that has been offering data, voice and most recently, television services since 1995. We are based in Sudbury, ON with satellite offices in strategic locations in Northern, Eastern, and Southern Ontario with a dedicated, professional, technical and customer service staff of 150 employees. Vianet was founded in Timmins, ON in 1988 as a computer and networking dealer and purchased the first wholesale connection to the internet in 1995 in both Timmins and Sudbury to offer internet services to their clients. We are one of the first Internet Service Providers in Northern Ontario, and remain one of the only independent Northern Ontario ISP's still in operation. We have achieved this through our ability to take advantage of any and all technologies that enable access to networks to provide reliable high speed data and voice services.

As one of Ontario's few facilities based telecom providers, Vianet has the ability to offer high performance network solutions over its own fibre optic and wireless networks. Additionally, we have created strategic relationships with other fibre optic carriers to offer services where Vianet does not have its own infrastructure. We presently have major IP transit and IX transport gateways located in Toronto and Sudbury interconnecting with most major Canadian carriers and ISP's. The majority of our PoP (point of presence) sites have redundant connections and sufficient battery and generator backup to withstand extended outage situations.

We are well known for providing reliable data, voice, and television services, and for proactively monitoring our network for abuse. In the event of a network issue, Vianet has 24/7 support staff monitoring the network and providing customer support. Additionally, Vianet has a large team of Network Operations staff, installers, and support staff that are able to pinpoint and resolve issues in a fast, co-ordinated manner. Our attention to delivering a reliable, quality service in both the technical, and customer service aspects speaks for itself. We take pride in knowing so many loyal customers have chosen to put their telecommunications needs in our hands. Our President, Will Gasteiger, best sums up our identity and commitment, in a caption from our 25th anniversary news release:

"Where we truly build client loyalty is by focusing on local customer service and expert technical support," says Gasteiger, "We've always felt this was the way to build brand loyalty because customer service matters. People want to know who they're doing business with. Our head office is in downtown Sudbury and we have local offices in all our major markets. Our customers are our neighbours. We are very strongly grounded in the communities we serve and strive to give back as much as we can to organizations like local Food Banks, local community organizations and even, most recently, the "We Live Up Here" downtown mural project in Sudbury."

We do live up here and understand what it takes to deliver reliable, quality service to the residential and business markets in the Ontario communities we serve.

Extremely satisfied with everything!

Use them for small business services and am extremely satisfied with everything! Now if only I could get their fibre service at home!


I've never been happier!

When I lived in Sudbury, I had bell for 2 years. It was very expensive for their services and extremely difficult to cut off (annoying customer reps who don't know when to stop trying to sell).

I then switch to Eastlink for another 2 years. Price was more reasonable, but services were garbage. Tv was constantly freezing, internet was disconnecting often. Only thing that seemed to work alright was the phone, but I never used it because I had a cell.

Now that I've moved back to Chapleau and have Vianet Fibre, I've never been happier. Great quality, great support and best price I've ever had. I've had one simple issue and it was dealt with right away.


I love the speeds of the internet and the TV looks amazing!

I have been with Vianet for a while now, and last year I upgraded to fibre. I love the speeds of the internet, and the TV looks amazing. I have friends with other companies saying that who they are with are not good because of similar issues people have mentioned here. I think out of all those companies, Vianet cares about their customers the most and would attempt to fix those issues if you let them!


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