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April 14, 2024

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Feel Good Stories

Horodynsky Farms The Onion Farmer

Boris Horodynsky is an onion farmer just off the 400 Highway in the heart of the Holland Marsh. He grows, washes, packs and distributes all his products on-site and has built up his farm to be one of the largest onion growing operations in Canada.

Find out more about the challenges his farm faced with rural broadband and why this Onion needs internet.

Carling Fibre To The Home Project

Residents of Carling had limited options when it came to internet providers and struggled with having their voice heard amongst larger centres to find a quality solution. Vianet in partnership with CENGN and West Parry Sound SMART worked together to find an innovative way to bring Fibre to the Home to property owners in a challenging area.

Watch the video and learn how Vianet is working to solve the rural broadband problem.

Build Grow Support

Vianet has been creating partnerships and relationships in the communities we serve. By building reliable fibre optic and wireless networks to reach more people, growing with the needs of businesses and residents and providing quality support to help get the most out of your internet service.

Learn more from the people we are connecting with our Build, Grow, Support efforts.

Why Vianet Is The Right Choice And Provides Better Internet

  •   Better and Personal Local Support
  •   Easy To Work With And Understand
  •   Gives Back To Our Local Community
  •   Alternative To Big Telco's
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