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Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016

Great news. I wanted to let you all know that we will be proceeding with the fibre to the home build and I thank you all for your support in moving this project forward.

We will be starting the engineering process shortly and plan to be shovel ready when the snow goes away and the frost is out of the ground. May time frame.

We are planning on having another information session towards the end of February early March where we will go over all of our service offerings, provide information as to what will take place once the construction starts and what will take place at each of your homes. We want to make sure we answer all your questions you may have to make this project run as smooth as possible.

We at Vianet are happy that this project is moving along and we look forward to working with you to bring an excellent internet, television and telephone product to your homes.


Brian McCullagh

Director, Business Development



Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015

Residents of the Loggers Trail, Cranborn Chase, McCowan Rd. & Aurora Rd.:

Vianet is happy to announce that we are willing to proceed with the FTTH (Fibre to the Home) project in your neighborhood provided we obtain a minimum of 35 homes that have signed up and submitted their installation fee to the Town of Whitchurch Stouffville for the project.

The following is our offer to the residents of Loggers Trail, Cranborn Chase, McCowan:

Installation Charges

Vianet requires a onetime installation payment of $3,000 plus HST to be held in a trust account by the Town of Whitchurch Stouffville. Any home committed to the project with their payment received by the town before January 31st, 2016 will pay $2,500. We will require the 35 homes to have their money submitted to the town by no later than Friday January 29th for the project to proceed in the spring of 2016.

After January 31st any home wishing to sign on to the project will pay an installation charge of $3,000 plus HST.

Vianet will continue to charge the $3,000 installation fee to any new customers coming onto the network for a 3 year period.

How Vianet Collects Your Installation Payment

Your payment will only be released to Vianet by the town of Whitchurch Stouffville once we have completed the installation to your satisfaction and all services are working properly. You will be required to sign off on the installation work order, which Vianet will submit to the town for payment.


Vianet is a full service telecommunications company offering internet, television and telephone. We have a multitude of internet and television offerings with our most popular triple play bundle starting at $109.95/mth. For a full list of our services you can follow this link.

Vianet will keep all service prices charged in your area the same as our posted rate we charge in our other serving areas with FTTH. This will give you price protection due to the competitive nature in our other FTTH deployments in more populated areas.

Vianet will give each customer who signs up before January 31st, 2016 a free 2 months viewing of all our specialty channels including viaMovies+ and viaSuperChannel.

Vianet is presently working on an updated MOU with the Town of Whitchurch Stouffville and once completed we will send out to each of you, as well we will post this MOU on the Loggers Trail, Cranborn Chase, McCowan project link on our webpage.

Please look over this offer and contact us for any questions or to confirm your participation in the project. Call 1.888.669.5544. The offer will be posted on our website under the Loggers Trail, Cranborn Chase, McCowan project link.

We look forward to a successful project to give you the best internet, television and phone service in the area.


Brian McCullagh

Director, Business Development

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