Vianet is excited to announce the expansion of our fibre-optic network and services in the Town of Caledon. This project provides a reliable solution of high-speed internet to underserved business customers in a rapidly growing commercial area.

After a competitive RFP process in 2019, Vianet began building fibre-optic cabling and received an immediate positive response from the community. “We are very proud of this project and excited to serve the businesses in the Bolton industrial park,” said Brian McCullagh, Director of Business Development for Vianet. “We’ve already heard from many businesses who are eager to access our ultra-high-speed service. In fact, response was so positive we decided to go beyond our original scope and instead of 8km we installed over 14km of fibre.”

Vianet has invested more than $250,000 in infrastructure to match a similar investment by the Town to bring affordable state-of-the-art technology to the many unique businesses in the area.

“The pandemic has really brought home how important broadband is to our local economy. Congratulations to Vianet for getting the job done -- this is a huge boost for business in the Bolton industrial area.”

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In total, over $500,000 of fibre-optic internet will serve the Bolton Industrial Park, delivering fast and dependable service that will keep up with the demand of their business and allow companies to be more competitive.

On Monday, November 2nd, we held an announcement on the premises of TSA Process Control Integrators (25 Nixon Road) in Bolton.“We are thrilled about this project,” said Thomas Toliopoulos, President of TSA Process Control Integrators. “In this day and age you have to have high-speed internet, it’s so important not only for customer service, but all aspects of our business. For businesses in south Bolton it instantly makes us more competitive.”

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“This positive demand for our services is indicative of how crucial broadband service is to remain competitive in today’s economy, and we’re optimistic that the service will only grow over time,” said McCullagh. “Thank you to our staff, to the Town of Caledon and all those involved who have worked so hard over the past months to bring this project forward.”

Town of Caledon Bolton fibre build press release image

This project just furthers Vianet’s commitment to build better rural broadband in Ontario.

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