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Vianet Expands Fixed Wireless Network With ISP Acquisition Image

Vianet expands their network reach with recent acquisition of the Ontario division of Indigiinet, a Wahta First Nations based independent Internet Service Provider.

Over 19 years ago Indigiinet was formed to help neighbours struggling with inadequate connectivity in the Wahta First Nation and quickly grew as it addressed the problem in other nearby communities. They now serve both the Wahta and Moose Deer First Nations along with the Waubaushene and Penetanguishene areas with reliable fixed wireless Internet.

“Indigiinet has an outstanding reputation delivering reliable Internet into hard-to-reach First Nations communities and surrounding areas with fantastic customer service,” comments Lisa McWhirter, Special Projects Manager with Vianet. “We are excited to welcome their clients onto our network and work to serve them with expanding solutions that will continue to deliver for years to come.”

Vianet is continually investing in rural fibre and fixed wireless solutions to grow their network reach and this acquisition is a natural fit to expand the network between Vianet’s existing Northern and Southern Ontario footprint.

Vianet formally took over providing service and customer support on March 1st, 2023.

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