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Vianet Expands Internet In The North To Smooth Rock Falls Press Release

Vianet has expanded our Northern Ontario wireless network to Smooth Rock Falls with better coverage and faster speeds. This community of about 600 homes situated between Cochrane and Kapuskasing, Ontario, now has access to speeds up to 100Mbps.

The project included an upgrade to Vianet’s nearby Strickland tower and coordinating with the Town to utilize their water tower. “The Town of Smooth Rock Falls is pleased to have worked with Vianet to have their services now available in Smooth Rock Falls for residents and businesses. Telecommunications is an essential service, and we are happy to have Vianet in Smooth Rock Falls to provide a new option for the community.” says Shannon Michaud, Economic Development Officer.

Vianet connected its first customer in the community on August 31, 2022.

“The first thing we noticed after connecting to Vianet’s new service was how clear the channels were and that our shows didn’t buffer! We are so thankful for the service and beyond happy with all of our questions being answered and addressed,” says Kelly Simon and Serge Richard, one of the first customers in the community to be connected with Vianet’s Internet service. “We are fans of your quick and helpful service, our experience has been positive, and we give a special thank you to your installation crew.”

Don Melanson, a current resident in Smooth Rock Falls, recalls using Vianet’s services for nearly a decade at his previous home. “I was a Vianet customer when I lived in South Porcupine, and as soon as I heard they were coming to Smooth Rock Falls, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. Vianet’s service has always been outstanding, and I’ve received the same experience with my new connection. The service, the customer support, and the installation it’s all been a great experience. Continue with the great customer service, and you’ve got a customer for life.”

Reliable connectivity is a necessity for every community, and this expansion of Vianet’s network will provide businesses and residents with a competitive solution that currently hasn’t been available to them.

“As a company that started in Northeastern Ontario and with senior managers who grew up and still live in the north, Vianet is proud to be able to continue expanding our Northern Ontario footprint,” comments Vianet’s President Will Gasteiger. “Although we have grown to serve most parts of Ontario, we continue to look for opportunities in the North. We look forward to serving the residents of Smooth Rock Falls with great service and support.”

This project marks Vianet’s commitment to continue to invest in all communities, big and small, to deliver better broadband to underserved regions across Ontario.

To inquire about service availability in Smooth Rock Falls, please visit to request a no obligation wireless site check.

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