We're deep in the middle of winter now and along with that comes the challenges of the weather. One of our remote towers in White River reported a power outage last Thursday Morning. It was discovered by the local hydro company that lines went down due to snow/ice and that two hydro poles were broken on private property, issues which would take significant time to fix.

This tower helps feed a local mine that heavily relies on this service for both its internet and voice services. Cell phone service is patchy in the area and without reliable communication all production would have to come to a halt. Our local Sault tech loaded up a snow machine with a generator and an extra fuel tank and headed up on a 4 hour drive to the tower site to keep the batteries topped up and the system running for an extended period time while the work to repair the damaged lines was being done.

This is just one way our staff goes above and beyond to provide the best internet service we can. They work, live and understand the challenges that come with our terrain and the weather we get during this time of year and how important it is to people's lives to have quality internet service.

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