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Udora residents can now look forward to reliable high-speed internet as Vianet announces a three-phase fibre optic build within the community. Why Udora, you ask? Vianet has been able to utilize the recently built high-capacity fibre backbone to create a point of presence in Udora. This backbone built by YorkNet , a municipal services corporation owned and operated by York Region with the help of the Federal governments funding program “Connect to Innovate”, was vital for Vianet to consider this community a possibility for fibre service. This project in Udora has received no additional funding, which demonstrates Vianet’s commitment to finding opportunities to build better internet in rural communities.

Vianet’s fibre service will deliver internet speeds of up to 1Gigabit with no data cap. Along with quality internet, Vianet also offers television and telephone services. Building a fibre optic network will allow for all the existing industry trends such a streaming video to be easily delivered to both businesses and residents in the area.

This network will be game-changing for the residents of Udora. They will now have the ability to work or learn from home, utilizing the video conferencing applications that are needed to do so successfully.

Vianet started building fibre to homes and businesses 12 years ago in the northern community of Chapleau, Ontario and today every home and business in Chapleau has access to the fibre network. It can be done in smaller centres!

“When we look at opportunities to build fibre into one of these centres, the one big thing that is required from our standpoint is a community with people that are willing to work with us. In that matter, we had a very good feeling when we first sat down with the Town of Georgina, and we look forward to working with all of you to make this a successful venture.” said Brian McCullagh, Director of Business Development.

Vianet originally intended to begin construction of the fibre network in Udora next Spring. Due to early completion of YorkNet’s fibre backhaul, Vianet was able to begin construction earlier this month. Crews are currently working on installing fibre cabling along the roadways. Customers can expect installations to begin in the Spring.

Vianet will be hosting a Virtual Information Session in the new year to discuss this fibre-to-the-Home project and answer any questions from the community. Vianet plans to activate a wifi hotspot inside and out at the local community hall for the information session, so homeowners will be able to participate. To learn more about this project and stay informed with updates, visit Vianet’s Udora Project Page.

“It’s exciting to watch progress being made in bringing high-speed internet to our community. We know that having access to affordable reliable internet is a ‘must have’ and the pandemic has placed this at the forefront. Whether you are doing online learning or running a home based business, Georgina Council recognizes high-speed internet as an economic driver that both residents and businesses should have access to.” says Mayor Margaret Quirk.

Vianet expresses their appreciation to the Town of Georgina and YorkNet, for their commitment to providing the necessary infrastructure to allow service providers, like Vianet, to deliver internet services in rural markets. Vianet’s build into Udora is a sign that smaller communities in Ontario will not be left behind in this technology boom to bring ultra-high-speed internet to rural Canadians.

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