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It’s official, Vianet’s Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Network is up and running in Udora. On Tuesday, April 6th, weeks before anticipated, Vianet connected its first customer and has been installing multiple customers each day since. “I was surprised to be the first person to be connected,” states Udora resident Mart Poldma. “The timing is fantastic for me as this shutdown is on us. Now I can use my computer and actually see things, communicate with others, use video etc. Plus, I have more channels and options with my TV service.”

This project will see over 450 underserved homes receiving ultra-fast, reliable, and unlimited broadband that only fibre optic can dependably offer. “For me and a number of my friends, we only had slower than slow internet. So, I really needed it,” describes Poldma. “I’m new to Vianet, but a number of friends have been with them over their fixed wireless service for years, and they have never had a bad thing to say about Vianet.”

With many years of experiencing the challenges dense tree coverage presented in delivering consistent fixed wireless service within the community, Vianet understood the need to upgrade to FTTH in this area. The response from this rural community demonstrates the demand for faster and more reliable service. “We love the enthusiasm we have received from the Udora community for our fibre service. We appreciate the challenges small towns face when it comes to obtaining reliable, affordable broadband and are committed to providing a better internet solution,” comments Lisa McWhirter, Special Projects Coordinator at Vianet.

“Vianet staff have been a pleasure to deal with, positive, helpful and small-town pleasant,” exclaims Poldma. Vianet is a fully independent telecom service provider with a growing network and multiple active rural FTTH projects across the province. Fibre construction crews worked hard over the winter months to meet the growing demand in the region, keep the project on target, and it has paid off with installations beginning ahead of schedule. Vianet will continue to connect more customers over the coming weeks. Poldma continues, “Signing up was very easy and pleasant. I have called Vianet a few times with questions, and every time the experience has been excellent. Please keep up the good work and small-town attitude of respect and service.”

This project furthers Vianet’s commitment to build better rural broadband in Ontario. For more information please visit https://www.vianet.ca/about/projects/udora/ .

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